Thank You

Thank You, ink drawing based on a photo I took in the Starbuck’s drive-through, first in a series of scenes from the viewpoint of a windshield.

New Cityscape Painting: 62 Prince Street

Starting with this photo of 62 Prince Street taken in April 2011.


Here is a Google Maps Street View of 62 Prince Street, viewed October 16 2011. Not much changed. Different girl in the billboard.


Underdrawing 1


Underdrawing 2


Underdrawnig 3


Underdrawing finished. Next: newspaper clippings, modeling paste.





Jambalaya on They Draw and Cook

As soon as I saw They Draw and Cook I had to draw and submit a recipe of my own. It took me awhile to finish the drawing (due to daily interruptions–I guess that’s why they call it a “day job”) but the very nice peeps at the site got back to me right away and posted it! I’m under “Most Recently Added Recipes.” (Actual size is 17-inches in width.)

The site is full of fun, gorgeous, whimsical, tempting treats. Go ahead, look. You know you want to! They’ve also started They Draw and Travel, almost like a personal challenge just for me (winky face).

Cortona Fruit Stand and The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano

Cortona Fruit Stand, 26 x 36, Acrylic, marker, and collage on wood panel. From my own photos.
(These were finished and sold months ago but I realized I never posted the finished ones.)


Cortona Fruit Stand Detail 1


Cortona Fruit Stand Detail 2


The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 36 x 26, Acrylic, marker, and collage on wood panel.


The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano Detail 1


The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano Detail 2


The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano Detail 3


The Colosseum from Via di San Giovanni in Laterano Detail 4

Museum Girl

Museum Girl, 20 x 15, acrylic & marker on recycled canvas. From a picture of a girl in a magazine I had to draw.


Archimede, 16 x 20, acrylic and marker on recycled canvas. From a photo (mine) of one of the hundreds of busts in the Villa Borghese, sort of the Central Park of Rome. I’m thinking about doing another one of these haunting, thoughtful men. Here are a few more of my photos, and check out this marvelous bust gallery from Wynn White Photography on

Check out the EyeCandies artblog by fab DigiPop artist Aphrodite

Featuring an interview with meeeee:

Irrigation Night at Barb’s, in progress

Irrigation Night at Barb’s, nearly finished. Acrylic, marker & pencil on another old painting from good old Goodwill, 28 x 22. (Original painting below.)

I live in an irrigation neighborhood and it’s sometimes sort of an event. I’m lucky because I’m at the end of a line and don’t have to open or close gates; we just leave them open all the time. But someone has to be at Barb’s to let the water in and shut it down no matter when their time comes up–noon or night or 2 a.m. Impromptu gatherings happen over coffee or cocktails among neighbors with similar goals for the coming several hours: start and end the flood on time to make sure you get all your water. Pick up anything in the yard that doesn’t swim. If it’s hot out, wade around and cool off. Enjoy the view and the slightly magical feeling that you live on a lake in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona.

I took these pictures one night hangin with Barb during her irrigation, with flash (below) and without.



Dot’s, Acrylic & marker on 24 x 36 recycled canvas. At The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona.

The Shady Dell:

Entry sign.


This tiny trailer sleeps two.


Part of the menu. Simple, cheap, and good.

Dot’s at night.

Dot’s in the morning.

The Shady Dell is next to a cemetery.


Empire State from Lex and 34th

Finished the new cityscape, and backtracked in the photos with a side cheat walk on Google streets to figure out where I was when I took the picture. Acrylic, marker, and collage on 24 x 48 used canvas.

Here’s a detail:

New Cityscape in progress

What I’m working on today: The Empire State Building from probably 5th. Acrylic, marker, and soon-to-be collage on an old painting from Goodwill, a horizontal beachscape, 24 x 48 canvas. You can see some of the tufts of grass and seagulls:

Michael at Castel Sant’ Angelo

Acrylic and marker on used canvas (painted over a yard-sale painting), image 12 x 16. The subject is a marble statue of Archangel Michael (with iron wings), created by Raffaello da Montelupo in 1536 for the top of the castle. (“Legend has it” that in 590, Michael appeared above the castle, raising his sword to signal the end of the plague of that year.) Montelupo’s statue was replaced in 1753 by another Michael and moved to an inner courtyard. Here’s the picture I used for the painting:

New Venice Painting in progress

Almost done.

Dogeater Panel 10i

One night we went to a “nice restaurant in town.” [Beaver Street Brewery, south of the tracks.]

“Me and the wife.” [He talks like a hick in his stories. Also when lying.]

He said, “I’m going to take you here on our anniversary.”

I said, “This is our anniversary. I want a divorce.”

[Close, except for the part where I spill the beans about the day.]

Dogeater Panel 10h

[Actual last straw was more night than day, less Van Winkle more Morgan Le Fey. A regular white-trash shock flick bleach-basted souffle. An eyes-open all-nighter. Mine glued to a stranger. More cracks than veneer. And the last bottle of Jack to make my husband disappear.]

Dogeater Panel 10g

finding him in bed in the morning still in his clothes and covered with soot, beer bottles and a wad of chewing tobacco on the floor.

Dogeater Panel 10f

He says he was tight with his crew buddies but that’s all he says about them. He describes what he thinks make have been the last straw for me:

Dogeater Panel 10e

He cut three cords of wood for our unwinterized cabin south of Flagstaff. [Half a cord, and we both did it. He taught me how to use a chainsaw. His daughter was with us. We had fun that day.]

Detail from One Beat-Up George

This is a detail from One Beat-Up George, an unfinished 12″ x 36″ canvas. I ask him what he wants but he won’t say. I may be onto him today.

Reg & Barb August 18 2010