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Michael at Castel Sant’ Angelo

Acrylic and marker on used canvas (painted over a yard-sale painting), image 12 x 16. The subject is a marble statue of Archangel Michael (with iron wings), created by Raffaello da Montelupo in 1536 for the top of the castle. (“Legend has it” that in 590, Michael appeared above the castle, raising his sword to signal the end of the plague of that year.) Montelupo’s statue was replaced in 1753 by another Michael and moved to an inner courtyard. Here’s the picture I used for the painting:

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Two new cityscapes nearly done

Cortona Fruit Stand

Cortona Fruit Stand

New cityscape--Rome
New cityscape–Rome

Latest cityscapes, nearly done: acrylic, mixed media and collage on panel. They are 26 x 36 and 36 x 28, and about an inch and a half thick. Images are drawn with marker from my own photos. Collage is clippings from The New York Times, various Italian newspapers, and other miscellaneous publications that tickle my fancy (and have the right kind of paper).

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