Irrigation Night at Barb’s, in progress

Irrigation Night at Barb’s, nearly finished. Acrylic, marker & pencil on another old painting from good old Goodwill, 28 x 22. (Original painting below.)

I live in an irrigation neighborhood and it’s sometimes sort of an event. I’m lucky because I’m at the end of a line and don’t have to open or close gates; we just leave them open all the time. But someone has to be at Barb’s to let the water in and shut it down no matter when their time comes up–noon or night or 2 a.m. Impromptu gatherings happen over coffee or cocktails among neighbors with similar goals for the coming several hours: start and end the flood on time to make sure you get all your water. Pick up anything in the yard that doesn’t swim. If it’s hot out, wade around and cool off. Enjoy the view and the slightly magical feeling that you live on a lake in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona.

I took these pictures one night hangin with Barb during her irrigation, with flash (below) and without.