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Valentine’s Weekend Restaurant Tour

New landscape Moleskine journal. Rule is I can only draw in it on the fly. No taking pictures and drawing later. I’m forced to draw fast and not careĀ  about making it perfect. Todd at Thai Hut February 15 2014.



The sushi chefs at Hana, 7th Ave and Missouri, our favorite new sushi place. It’s BYOB which is great because you get a lot of really good sushi but your bill isn’t insane because you had a couple glasses of wine. Because you bought your bottle at the cute French pastry and wine shop across the street! No cork fee. SUSHI! The people are really friendly and BUSY. Cuz they know what they are DOING. Very popular neighborhood place.



Breakfast Monday morning at Melrose Kitchen before work. I know, right? Phoenix doesn’t have a Melrose. But it does: one big one and lots of little ones. Melrose This, Melrose That. There’s one of those artsy arch things that goes over the road, a metal laser-cutout paneled thing that says Melrose, so we know where we are. This is Melrose. This is Melrose Kitchen, 7th Avenue north of Indian School, a place what serves some damn fine vittles in the am.


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Victoria to La Condesa: 20 Journal Pages

Tourist Shop in Victoria, BC, Canada, February 2013:



Reg at Ole Brass Rail for Breakfast 4/7/13:



Esplanade with Todd April 12 2013:



AMC Dine-In Theatres Menu:



Switch Restaurant, Breakfast, May 5 2013


Switch Decaf and Fruit Bowl:



Woman at the Vig:


Stingray Friday May 24, 2013. Everything came at once from different directions. Todd said: “We are being attacked with Food.”


Vig Servers:


Malee’s for Todd’s Birthday:






Ivan, our favorite sushi chef at Stingray, July 12, 2013. He works too hard. We say when we’re leaving, Take a break! Take a day off! And he says he will but I don’t think he ever does.


The Main Ingredient Ale House and Cafe with Dad, 7/18/13. It’s in an old house at 7th Street and Osborn. Great sandwiches and beer, beautiful patio.


Todd at Rainbow Donuts 7/13/13


Harrah’s Casino with my sister Barb for her birthday:


On my way to Chicago for Mary’s wedding:



Looking at the magazine on the plane. “Millionize your lashes.” WHAT???


In-flight magazine perfume ad:


La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop Salsa Bar. 16th Street and McDowell. Favorite neighborhood restaurant.



Guy at La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop, 16th Street near McDowell:

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2 Days in San Francisco in sketches & notes









































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