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Faux pas aux deux

As much as I’d like to, I can’t finish a drawing every day or even every week, def not a painting. I think about doing one of those “Drawing a Day” things but 1. It seems forced. 2. I get bored with those so I’m pretty sure other people would get bored with mine, including me. 3. Like I need another daily chore.

So for now get this old drawing I found in an envelope addressed to Ann, my almost sister-in-law from decades ago. I met up with her once in Washington, D.C. She bought dinner even though there were five of us and she was on a teacher’s salary. The others were the younger sister and mom (they all lived there) and my coworker (we were at a conference)–and we should have paid or at least put ourselves on our expense account. This is one of those dumb things that bothers me once in awhile.

We exchanged addresses and I fully meant to write. Look, I even did this little doodle for her. I was working my shift at the co-op gallery in Flagstaff, where I lived.


Doodling at the Co-op, about 1999, ink pen and wash on Rives BFK, 4 x 6 inches

It contains my fellow artist/shift coworker (right, also working on her stuff) and her daughter. I was trying to practice drawing more, especially people. They were sitting nicely still, and I loved the fluid, relaxed posture of the daughter.

Doodling at the Co-op (detail)

It was just to say Hi, Ann. Nice to see you. Thanks for dinner.

Never wrote it. Never sent it. Faux pas aux deux.


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